Infosys Mysore: Why it changed my life.

How Infosys Mysore changed my life?

  1. Education
    It taught me more in 6 months than I learnt in my entire 4 years of B.Tech. They taught me the best Python, .net, SQL, data structures, programming, the best everything in the best academically fulfilling 6 months of my then past 4 years. I was confident enough to code for space-shuttles by the time I reached the end of my training.
  2. Family
    I joined the training with 15 of my batchmates. It was hardly any different from a college classroom in theory but so much more in every other sense. The ecosystem inside premise of Infosys Mysore is the unrecognised potential of our entire nation. Individuals work hard willingly, enjoy multinational amenities, multi-cuisine food, have hotel rooms for houses, room service, freedom of expression.
  3. Lifestyle
    Infosys made sure each candidate they hire gets to witness international exposure from the comfort of Mysore. World class ecosystem — infrastructure, curriculum, extra-curriculars, availability of transport facilities for trips, drivers, logging partnerships.
    I could wake up at 2 am at night and go dine at a food court and not second guess myself about my safety. Infosys truly made me feel safe and gave me the freedom to let go of all barriers and concentrate on my growth.
    I could enter a hall and watch as many movies as I pleased. I could bowl, run, play TT, swim and not feel attacked or unsafe.
  4. Enabling
    Infosys enabled and empowered me with the ability to have a plethora of ‘firsts’ in my life. First salary, first thing bought with that salary, first trip on my own salary, first city in the south, first of travelling alone around the country, first of managing bank transactions, first of taking care of myself in the big world. Infosys gave me a safe place to take my baby steps, to crawl, fall, run and leap.
  1. Food
    Infosys Mysore has about 9 food courts and has the best food for any and all possible cuisines
Cult favourite food on campus: Chilli cheese toast and Mosambi juice. Live counters for chicken and pineapple salads ❤
Some images I took of the campus during my time there

Anyone who gets a chance must train at Infosys. It will change your life.



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Aishwarya Singh

Aishwarya Singh

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