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This article welcomes you into the world of Generative Identities. We begin by understanding Generative Art and Generative Identity:

Generative Art
Generative art refers to art that in whole or in part has been created with the use of an autonomous system. An autonomous system in this context is generally one that is non-human and can independently determine features of an artwork that would otherwise require decisions made directly by the artist.

Generative Identity
The mixed technique based on programming and particularly on an algorithm enables the designer to create a system of rules that will generate numerous results, which is called a generative identity.

Understanding Generative Identities

Generative Identities are a way of combining art with an algorithm. They fold together your creative expression and the processing power of a computer. Your ideas, a processor and simple permutation and combination is all you need.

Here is a fun exercise. I am an avid superhero fan and I would like to give you a superhero name.


I got Captain Wing! I’m sure your name sounds cooler than mine.

What we did above is generate a name unique for you following two sets of rules, one which associated with the first letter of your first name and second with associates with the first character of your last name.

This is what generative identities are about:
1. Creative freedom/ideation (here: generate a superhero name)
2. Rules for generation (here: 2 first name letter rules)
3. Generation (here: Captain Wing)

Although I said unique, but because of how general the above superhero rules are, chances are that you and someone you know might end up with the same generated superhero name but we can solve this by adding more rules and making them stronger.

The Process | Generative Identities

Now I’ll walk you through one of my class projects I did for a creative coding assignment at National Institute of Design , Bangalore in 2018.

View full project here:

1. Creative freedom/ideation

Honouring the celestial bodies and stars, I decided to dedicate the project to my love for stars and constellations.

The idea: Would it not be wonderful to have our own constellation? A personal constellation up in the sky that represents just you, acts as your guide and companion on the night sky.

2. Rules for generation

Combining the idea with programming.

1. Identity will be based on an individual’s first name
2. The constellation will appear with joining lines
3. A north star should be present in each constellation, recalling the idea of the constellation acting as a guide

Ideation and representation

3. Generation

The programming language used for this project is p5.js.

Final generated identities

View full project here:

Join the world of Generative Identities

Here are a few things that worked for me and might help you get started. What I share below is one of many amazing ways to approach Generative Identities and this worked for me and something else might work for you, but while you are here, I would love to share how I got started:

- p5.js

p5.js a JavaScript client-side library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing.

- p5.js web editor
The web-based code editor

- p5.js references
This is where you seek help

- Youtube

There is an amazing community of designers and coders who help you from scratch and help you code no matter what it is that you visualize.

A must watch is:
Video Series: Programming with p5.js
Channel: The Coding Train
By: Daniel Shiffman

My work on Generative Identities

My Generative Identity projects:

  1. Generative Identity Name Constellation
  2. Generative Identity Occult Identity

I truly believe that ever designer can be anything they want, and a programmer is just one of those things. Hoping this helps you start your Generative Identity journey and takes you into a universe of possibilities.

— Aishwarya Anand Singh

Before you leave
I want to thank you for being here. Writing my thoughts and ideas has been a long awaited goal for me and I am excited to have you as a part of my journey. Thank you for the support.



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