Basics of National Institute of Design, Bangalore

  1. It is a design institute and not an art institute. This for-shadows my next comment — you don’t need to be an artist to learn and practice design but it sure as hell helps if you have the ability to visually communicate ideas.
  2. NID, B is an extended campus to NID Ahmedabad like NID Gandhinagar. Meaning you get to share placements circles. You attend the placement cycles at NID Bangalore as well as Ahmedabad as well as Gandhinagar and vice versa.
  3. NID B only offers master’s courses. Also it has no hostel and lodging facility yet, but one can always hope. You do have a mess at the campus, serves you 3 meals and snacks in the evening.
  4. It is a 2.5 year course. The master’s degree would have 5 semesters, with the last sem being the time you spend on your gradation project — either with a sponsor (at a company) or self-sponsored (do the project by yourself)
  5. Courses offered at NID B are IT integrated meaning they have a lot to do with technology- both digital and physical tech. Courses offered there as of Jan 2021 are: Information Design, Interaction Design, Design for Retail Experience, Universal Design and Digital Game Design
  6. NID is an institute of national importance. To add context to it, here are some other institutes of national importance: IITs, NITs, AIIMS, SPA, IIMs etc. Yeah it is a sweet deal.
  7. We don’t have written exams, we have Jury’s. The engineer in me was oblivious of the term ‘Jury’ until July 2018. You are expected to present all your work at the end of each semester to a panel of jury members that usually includes your dean, your course head and an industry expert relevant to that semester’s courses.
  8. NID B has a great reputation in the industry for giving out amazing designers. Not only are companies and organisations eager to hire but also eager to continue coming back to the institute exclusively
  9. The campus at Bangalore is small. It isn’t a huge monument for the obvious reason — it was initially a research centre turned into an institute. Although, it is huge enough for about 200 students it holds at once in the campus. You’d always feel the campus is empty even during full capacity days.
  10. Take care of your mental health. This probably comes as a part and parcel of all master’s degrees but I place this here because of the selective inference I’ve had. It is an amazing place to be in with amazing things to offer but — know your self, your limits, your aspirations and keep your mind safe through the process of graduating.



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Aishwarya Singh

Aishwarya Singh

I love to write. Hope you love to read. Product Designer and Computer Science Engineer.