5 quick and easy ways of making your work visually appealing

Quick design hacks to save the day!

1. Alignment

Always try to align each element in the layout with some other element in the layout.

Align each element with some other element in the layout
This immediately cleans up the layout and makes it look more balanced

Be it text, images, video or any other media. Always try to reposition, rearrange, crop to align all elements with one another

Example: Consider the following layout

Example Layout
Alignment: All elements are aligned with some other element

2. Space

Space is your friend. A lot of space and equal space are the two rules of space.

Space opens up the layout and also allows you to immediately de-clutter a layout. It also is a useful tool in creating groups and guiding eye movement

Let your layout breathe. A lot of space is your friend. More and more and more.
For items that occur together as a group, keep the space on all sides equally distributed


Space: A lot of space and distribution

3. Typeface

A combination of two typeface should usually suffice. You can even make a single typeface work for you if you use all its fonts.

Don’t use too many typefaces, 1 or 2 should do. You can use a single typeface and try using bold or italic or other fonts emphasis.


Typeface: Use of only 2 typeface

4. Colors

A wise use of colors can eliminate the need for different typefaces all together

Use colors to create emphasis or de-emphasis


Colors: Use of shades of colors to create more of less emphasis. Eg. use of lighter shades of grey for legend and connecting lines

5. Style

Consistency is key. If you decide a particular type of icon — stick to all icons with the same line thickness and fill. Same for fonts. Same for image color family.

Use the same style of icons, fonts, color family to make your layout look cohesive


Similar style of illustrations

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and you find it useful.
A layouting fan



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